[TRANS] Super Junior Sungmin’s Message to ELF (about SNSD)

(after the Dream Concert – Black Ocean 2008 incident)

o the most lovable angels in the world that made SuJu shine at the Dream Concert…

Did you go back home safely?

I’m not so sure exactly what time it ended because I was too tired…

I hope you didn’t have to spend the night at a jjimjil room (steam room) or some place that’s not your home because it ended too late…

Yesterday, all I saw was our blue river everywhere~ did you know? hehehe

The top right… middle left… back of the stage… even at the side where you can’t see the stage…

It’s sad that not all the ELF fans could see the stage together
I hope we can get seats with a better view next time.. hehe

How’s ‘Cook King’? Do you like it?
I like it.. keke the dance is fun too


Ah… you know our SNSD girls…
I heard you didn’t cheer for them? ^^;; I see our ELF is mad?
We’re one!!! kekeke I wanted to yell that out too~

But we showed to you yesterday that we were one! ke
Super Junior KRY+T+M+HAPPY = 1

I think the SNSD girls understand now too~
that they have to listen to their SuJu sunbae’s well!
Weren’t they punished enough till yesterday~?
So please cheer for our SNSD girls from now a lot~

Because we’re SMTOWN!
SNSD is also a part of our SM Family like ELF~
It’s okay to dispute for a little…
but if you goes on without any resolvement, the family itself can be destroyed T_T
So cheer them on from now on ^^

I think it’s for SuJu as well!
If I think of it further ahead, I’d like to ask you to cheer on for all the singers…
Actually because our ELF is very very nice, I saw our ELF cheering the other artists a lot as well.
Sometimes even louder than us!! kekeke
Just joking. But cheer them on to a point where SuJu can feel a little jealous and want to work harder! ^^ ke
Let’s show them that we’re the best!! Making us feel thoughts like this as we go on the stage.. ^^

But if it goes on for too long I’ll quit!!

I wonder if I’ll get scolded? ^^;;
But still… even when I was feeling sick yesterday… it was our SNSD girls that took care of me and worried for me^^


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