Daily Archives: January 8, 2011

|INFO/110108| Gee’s Recochoku Ranking Chart

credit: yoongislove @ twitter


|VIDEO/110107| SNSD – SBS Digital Ambassador CF (+ Download Link)


source: notyno9dream @ YT (our own YouTube channel)

|PICS/110108| SNSD @ Glamorous Japan Magazine February 2011 (HD Scanlations)

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|PICS/110108| Teaser Photo of SM Gift Bag

taken from: soneternity

|PICS/110108| Soshified Founder, Soy, at SM Building

credit: soyuri @ twitter

|NEWS/110108| SNSD Seohyun to be featured in TVXQ’s 5th regular edition album

TVXQ released their special edition album on January 5th, which included a 100-page photobook and 10 tracks. The normal edition album is set to be release next week on January 12th. This edition will have an extra track not found in the special edition version.
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