|NEWS/110503| Kang YuMi is Seohyun’s doppleganger?

Kang YuMi, a female comedian who is receiving a lot of attention due to a great change in her facial features, is now being called Seohyun’s doppleganger. At the end of last month, photos of her life in the U.S. had been uploaded and shared on online community sites.

In the photos, Kang YuMi looked extremely different from her old self. She gives out a pure and innocent feel, especially with her crescent-shaped eyes and chubby cheeks which resemble Seohyun.

After her photos was revealed, people started to suspect Kang YuMi of undergoing a plastic surgery. The rumor was proven to be true through a plastic surgery hospital’s website. On the website, the plastic surgeon said, “Before leaving for her studies abroad, she was in good health”.

Netizens commented “It’s amazing how Kang YuMi is now SeoHyun’s doppleganger”, “Kang YuMi’s recent appearance looks really pure and innocent”, “Can she still be a comedian with that face?”, etc

credit: seoulntn.com + fanwonder.com


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