NTYND 1st Anniversary Special

Today is NTYND’s 1st annivesary ^^ Yeah, NTYND is still that young LOL

1 year has been passed with a lot of memories such the bad one and also the good one.

Not to looking back at the past, we will be looking forward for the future, and not to forget.. thanks to our fellow blog readers (especially the subscribers) and everyone who does read our updates, for your warm support~

So, NTYND is ‘1 year old’ now, and I’m proudly presenting you 2 photo compilation to celebrate NTYND’s 1st anniversary ^^

1st photo compilation – Taeyeon Chin Chin Radio Official Photos


1st folder

Taeyeon – Chin Chin Radio 2008 folder

Taeyeon – Chin Chin Radio 2009 folder

Taeyeon – Chin Chin Radio 2010 folder


download links:

*download all parts and combine using HJSplit*

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4



total file size:


photo credit:

MBC FM4U Chin Chin Radio

re-uploaded by:


(*NOTE: this Chin Chin Radio compilation wasn’t compiled by me, I got this from my friend)

2nd photo compilation – 110607 – 110612 SNSD @ Paris


110607 – 110612 SNSD @ Paris folder

110607 CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT – arrival folder

110611 – 110612 SNSD @ SMTown Paris folder

110611 Jessica @ Louvre Museum [by dolls_9 @ twitter] folder

110611 Tiffany @ SMTown Paris Writers & Publishers Conference folder

110612 SMTOWN Paris Press Conference folder

110615 CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT – departure to Korea folder

SMTown’s official facebook page update folder


download link:




total file size:


photo credit:

as tagged on the photos

compiled & re-uploaded by:



1] DO NOT claim the compilations are yours, unless stated in the credit line above.

2] DO NOT remove or add any watermarks

3] DO NOT crop or edit the pictures

4] DO NOT use the pictures for commercial use


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