Hello everyone!

We are NTYND Family, who run the fan account for SNSD Kid Leader, Kim Taeyeon, on twitter.

First, we’ll tell you about the history of NTYND Family.

Our FAs, Jackie and Anita, made a twitter account named TaengooFacts to share everything about SNSD especially our cute kid leader, Taeyeon. Then, they made a forum titled No Taeyeon No Dream (but yeah, now the forum has gone to somewhere, or died? LOL). Truthfully, the title of the forum was taken from fan banner in Dream Concert 2010, which ‘No Taeyeon No Dream’ written on it.

Since the forum has died 😀 , our maknae admin, Michelle, made a blog to share everything about SNSD, with the same title as the forum title,  No Taeyeon No Dream, on July 27th 2010.

Last, hope you enjoy this blog. And if you want to know more about Kim Taeyeon, our great kid leader, you should follow @TaengooFacts, a fanbase account which dedicated to bring any news, pics, and everything about SNSD especially Kim Taeyeon.

Thank you!

with eternal SoNyuh love,

-NTYND Family-





16 years old

Chinese by blood, Indonesian by birth






15 years old

♥ SHINee + SNSD + Infinite + T-Ara + f(x) + IU



ABOUT Keysomnia

-graphic designer-


15 years old

♥ 2PM, f(x), SNSD





4 responses to “About

  • skeith

    awesome site
    can’t help with writing though
    but yes, I’m a taeyeon fan

  • fairuz

    oh…so u guys who made that taengoofacts on twitter..nice site…as u all know,me also taengoo fan…now i know what is ntynd..thats really true.ntynd team,hwaiting!!

  • BloodKaras

    Your site is awesome!!
    Literary the best site ever!
    Keep up the good work!
    I’ll do whatever i can to promote ur site!

  • Precious

    hello it’s Wroule21 haha, so yeah so sad the forum died last year (i really enjoyed staying and moderating there at the same time) and of course i miss the NTYND Family, i hope there’s a chance to remake it though… thank you for making this blog and we (the NTYND Family) really appreciate it…

    so you got my trademark name (Taeyeonache) haha, nice and i’m proud…
    HwangTaeng NTYND haha (hwaiting!)

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