:. soshi roll .:

SoshifiedInternational Fan Community for Girls’ Generation

Deer Yoona and GorjessYoonSic fansite

SNSD TiffanyGirls’ Generation ~ Tiffanism ~ Smile Angel

Allsnsd – website all about sonyeo sidae or Girls Generation that share everythings about SNSD like music, photos, news, and many more

:. SMTown roll .:

✎SM TownGeneral source for SM.E bands

:. other k-artists roll .:

Core Clique - #1 Source to Co.ed (남녀공학)

:. kpop roll .:

KaVenyouyour avenue to korean pop

Korean Idolkpop news site

As you can see, all the links of our affiliates are placed above. We welcome all KPOP-related fansites. Here is the application form. Remember to send your application form to: ^^

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  • Link to Site:
  • Affiliate Button (Optional):
  • Description:

And by the way, here are our buttons, you can choose one of those buttons.


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