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[PIC][120603] TTS with Isak



realISAK@twitter + chelzcoldheart (notynodream.wordpress.com)

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[PIC][111206] Tiffany with Isak (old picture)

“a great memory~steph in the studio when SNSD debuted~^^credits my cyworld page~lol”

source: realISAK@twitter

|PIC/110803| Tiffany with Isak

오늘 공연 보러온 예쁜 티파니 고마워~재밌게 봤다니 다행이다~Thanx again hun for coming to see the show~!^^ glad u liked it~^^

credit: realISAK@twitter | re-uploaded by: chelzcoldheart@notynodream

|PICS/101114| That Candy

Isak posted up a picture of a candy, and those Asians knew it as ‘Sugus’. She also tweeted this along with the picture:

thanx fany for getting me hooked on these…yummy~~~

LOL it shown that Isak unnie is close with Fany unnie ^^

picture credit: realISAK @ twitter

article by: chelzcoldheart @ NTYND